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Preserve and Improve Virginia Key

For 40 years, Rickenbacker has been managed by a local family who, as good stewards of the public space, expanded waterfront access, supported conservation efforts, and increased revenue to the city.

Now they want to make upgrades to the aging Marina infrastructure, build a public waterfront park, and protect the living shoreline.

Miami residents must vote YES on the ballot initiative this November for the Rickenbacker proposal to even be considered.

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A Holistic Vision For Rickenbacker

A Plan To Reinvest In Virginia Key

Rickenbacker assembled a team of ecologists, economists, architects, conservationists, and recreational enthusiasts to develop a plan that conforms with the Virginia Key Master Plan to:

  • Expand and enhance public waterfront access

  • Create new passive recreation opportunities

  • Protect and expand the living shoreline

  • Provide a modernized, LEED-Gold certified marina facility

Our Story

We love Virginia Key

Our family has managed the Rickenbacker Marina since 1983, and in that time we’ve always aimed to embed Rickenbacker in the local community.

Whether coming together for fun, family events on the water or storm response efforts, Rickenbacker has always been about the community–and our new vision is no different.

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A Reimagined Marina

Still yours on the water but with some holistic improvements to help increase public access and enjoyment. All while sustainably centering the needs of local ecosystems from design through implementation.

Public Access

A public baywalk will expand the community’s access to the waterfront

Reductions in boat storage and commercial density will improve views of the bay

New spaces for community events, like concerts or farmer’s markets


Built with eco-friendly, LEED-certified building materials and solar power

A focus on conservation to ensure preservation of the natural shoreline

Restoration of the mangrove ecosystem and native shade trees


Two restaurants, open to the public, will offer casual dining options

Existing wet slips will be enlarged to meet demand for larger vessels

New staging areas and amenities for boaters, cyclists and pedestrians

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